Thumbs.db Viewer 3.1

Thumbs.db Viewer 3.1: Displays Thumbs.db (thumbcache_*.db, iconcache_*.db) content and file carving Thumbs.db file has been replaced by several "thumbcache_*.db" files which are now located within the user`s profile. Deleting the Thumbs.db file in Windows has no affect on your operating system: the Thumbs.db file is recreated in each folder each time you view thumbnails. Even though the images have been deleted in the folder they could still exist in the Thumbs.db file along with their modification dates. Thumbs.db Viewer allows displaying Thumbs

VideoGallery 1.0: Video Gallery
VideoGallery 1.0

The Crifano Flash Video Gallery component lets you load illimitated videos by xml file. You can use it for a single video, without thumbs or for multiple videos with thumbs horizontals or verticals. You can easily personalize the look an feel of each elements. You can decide the position of thumbs relative to the player area. You can decide if, at the end of a video, the player will go to next video, stop at the end or reshow the last video.

h264, movie, video, gallery, player

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32-bit RYSO EasyThumbs 1.01

Thumbs supports all popular image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png etc.). You can also save the templates you create and later reuse them. Some important features about the program: 1. You can create your own beautiful galleries. 2. You don`t need to know the HTML code, the program will generate it for you. 3. Wizard-style user-friendly interface makes Ryso EasyThumbs manageable even for those who have no idea of WWW and HTML. Should you experience any

thumbnail, create, image collection, full size images, galleries, thumb, pre built html templates, html, web pages, creating, thumbs, thumbnails

ThumbsPlus ThumbsPlus is the premier image, font, metafile and media management tool.

ThumbsPlus supports viewing and slide shows of raster, vector, multimedia and font files. Plug-ins are available in the Professional and Network versions for raw files from almost all digital cameras, Postscript, PDF, EPS and AI files, and EC Software IPP files. ThumbsPlus uses a Microsoft Access (JET) database by default, but the Professional version can also use the following databases: SQL Server 2000 & 2005, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MySQL, PostgreSQL

digicam raww, iptc, catalog, similarity, image similarity, digicam, exif, camera, imaging, database, digital camera, image database, digital imaging

Fun Thumbs 1.0: Easy-to-use picture thumbnailer with added image special effects
Fun Thumbs 1.0

Fun Thumbs is feature-rich software which makes it simple and enjoyable to create attractive thumbnails of your photo collections. This software gives you full control over your thumbnail sizes, names and allows you to add special effects such as frames, patterned edges faded into the image, solid colored borders, button effects, sepia tone effects and more! It also uses the thumbnails to create web pages.

thumbnail, images, effects, photo, thumbnailer, frames, frame, album, index, picture

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 3.2: Ten Thumbs teaches typing to people of all abilities. Friendly and easy to use.
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 3.2

Thumbs Typing Tutor teaches the skill of touch typing (typing with all the fingers without looking at the keys) in an accessible step-by-step way. Ten Thumbs has received critical acclaim for its easy-to-use, step-by-step approach to learning keyboard skills. The program is suitable for learners of all ages, and is used in schools, at home, in colleges, universities and industry, including call centers and financial services organizations. Learn

learn to type, touch typing, ten thumbs typing tutor, keyboard, teach, typist, revolution, keyboarding, typingmaster, typing, skill, runtime, tutor

Tuulimaa Photo online galleries and web albums generator

This powerful gallery software makes web photo galleries of digital images without any html knowledge. Tuulimaa aims to be the most user friendly and powerful tool in this category. Tuulimaa creates thumbs and complete web site, including keywords and sitemap for search engines but also protects your photos with an original slices anti-copy protection. Tuulimaa uses lastest technologies to generate ultra high quality thumbs and pictures. Manages RRS feeds and Paypal cart.

paypal, photo, galleries, generator, album, gallery, thumbs, sitemap, thumbnails

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